Friday, April 23, 2004

Busy busy

I have had a really busy week. I haven't picked up my knitting needles once. I have been doing alot of beading at work though. I've had beading classes every day this week. I made a gorgeous bracelet with Swarovski crystals and memory wire. Here is a tip about memory wire. If you have used it before you will know what I'm talking about. The only glue I have found that really holds the end caps on is good old fashioned superglue. I tried the glue that they had by the memory wire (unfortunately I can't remember the name of it) but the end caps fell off even after I let them set for over 24 hours. So far the superglued ends are still holding up. I'm going to miss my knitting group again tomorrow. I have two beading classes in the afternoon. I was told yesterday that I didn't have to work then told today that I do. I'm so agrivated. This makes two missed meetings. Hopefully I'll be able to get together with them next Saturday. I'm afraid to get my hopes up.