Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Online Knitting List Acronyms

AS: Alice Starmore (knitwear designer)
BTW: By the Way
BUFO: Boring UnFinished Object
ECU: Eastern Continental Uncrossed
BIGHI: (pronounced Biggie) But I Gotta Have It
EZ: Elizabeth Zimmermann (knitwear designer)
FCEK: Family Circle Easy Knitting (a magazine)
FO: Finished Object (usually accompanied by many !'s)
FOREPLAY: For Our Really Exciting Projects, Let's Add Yarn
: Grin
HALFPINT: Have a Lovely Fantasy Project, I've No Time(coined by Amy Detjen)
IM(H)O: In My (Humble/Honest) Opinion
IW: Interweave Magazine
KAT: Knitting against time
KF: Kaffe Fassett (knitwear designer)
KIP: Knitting in Public (and you're encouraged to do it!)
LOL: Laughed Out Loud
LYS: Local Yarn Store
LYSO: Local Yarn Store Owner
MS: Meg Swansen (knitwear designer)
NQBE: Not Quite Big Enough
NTINAMY: "Not that I NEED any more yarn..."
OKC: Obligatory Knitting Content
ROFL: Rolling on the Floor Laughing
SEX: Stash Enrichment eXpedition SWIPE: Stalled Work In Progress
TIA: Thanks In Advance
TKGA: The Knitting Guild Association
TOAD: Trashed Object, Abandoned in Disgust (coined by Fahy Bygate)
TTFN: Ta Ta For Now
UFO: Unfinished Object
USO: Unstarted Object
VBG: Very Big Grin
VK: Vogue Knitting
WIP: Work in Progress
Y or WCZ: Yarn or Wool Containment Zone: where we cache our stash.
YAQ: Yarn Acquisition Quest

Referring to family members, etc:
DH or W: Darling (or Dear) Husband or Wife
SO: Significant Other
DS or D: Darling Son/Sister or Daughter
DGD or S: Darling Granddaughter or Grandson
M or FIL: Mother or Father in Law and so on, depending on context.