Sunday, June 13, 2004

Obsessed Much

It is 2am and I am still up knitting. Do you think I might be a little obsessed? Haha! I am really enjoying Fair Isle knitting! I can hardly make myself put it down. I love the challenge of learning something new. I got a little burned out with all the darn Stockinette on Just (not) Peachy, and I am totally welcoming this non-mindless knitting. I'm already on the hunt for my next Fair Isle project. My husband is still tripping out over my new endeavor. You would think that I was knitting up golden fiber. It makes me feel good that he has taken such an interest in my knitting, and it makes me wish that I had taken up Fair Isle sooner! He told me that he would love to have a sweater, so we have been looking for a pattern he likes. Well folks, I'm going to carry my tired hind parts to bed now! I'll posts pictures of my progress when I get up. Night!