Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Free Poncho Links

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  1. Abigail Goss' Baby Poncho Set (C)
  2. Adriafil's Poncho "Carmencita" (K)
  3. Adult Ramblings' Joined Motif Poncho (C)
  4. Adult Ramblings' Left Over Poncho (C)
  5. Adult Ramblings' Striped Poncho (C)
  6. A.L. de Sauveterre Cape May (K)
  7. Amimono's Falling Leaves Poncho (K)
  8. Amy Fong's Sheer Poncho (K)
  9. Angel Poncho for baby (C)
  10. Anne Modsitt Hannah's Poncho (K)
  11. Barbara Breiter's Easy Garter Stitch Poncho (K)
  12. Barbara Breiter's Easy Openwork Poncho (K)
  13. Barbara Breiter's Musique + Fizz Knit Poncho (K)
  14. Bella Online's Adult Poncho
  15. Bella Online's Pretty Poncho (C)
  16. Bernat Bling Bling Poncho (B)
  17. Bernat Cottontots Hooded Poncho (K)
  18. Bernat Ping Pong Capelet (K)
  19. Bernat Solo Poncho (K)
  20. Berroco's Amore Poncho (K)
  21. Berroco's Asars Ponchette (K)
  22. Berroco's Delmarva Poncho (K)
  23. Berroco's Donatella Poncho (K)
  24. Berroco's Famous Poncho (C)
  25. Berroco's Famous Poncho (K)
  26. Berroco's Linda Poncho (K)
  27. Berroco's Loretta Lynn Poncho (K)
  28. Berroco's Maia Poncho (K)
  29. Berroco's My First Asymmetrical Poncho (K)
  30. Berroco's Nina Cape (K)
  31. Berroco's Novak Poncho (K)
  32. Berroco's Paige Poncho (K)
  33. Berroco's Panache Poncho (K)
  34. Berroco's Phyllis Poncho (K)
  35. Berroco's Samantha Capelet (K)
  36. Berroco's Shanaya Poncho (K)
  37. Bobbie Nash's Ribbon Shawl/Poncho (K)
  38. Boogie Knits' Summer Poncho (K)
  39. Bright Spot's Color Block Poncho (C)
  40. Bright Spot's Leafy Poncho (C)
  41. Brooke's Purple Poncho (K)
  42. Canadian Living's Back To School Poncho (K)
  43. Canadian Living's Mini Poncho (K)
  44. Capelet Pattern Generator (K)
  45. Carie Clement Super-Simple Trellis Stitch Poncho (C)
  46. Caron's Child's Ruffled Poncho (C)
  47. Caron's Fabulous Ponchini (K)
  48. Caron's Toddler Poncho (K)
  49. Carrie Viskozki's Black and White Poncho (C)
  50. Carrie Viskozki's Child's Striped Poncho (C)
  51. Carrie Viskozki's Stiped Poncho (C)
  52. Carrot Patch's Galway Bay Cape (K)
  53. Carrot Patch's Nautical (K)
  54. Carrot Patch's Rah Rah Cape (C)
  55. Carrot Patch's Swashbuckler (C)
  56. Cat Bordhi's Flowing Collar Poncho (K)
  57. Celebrity Poncho (like Jessica Simpson's) (C)
  58. Celia's Basket Ostrich Plume Lace Capelet (K)
  59. Charlotte Meyer's Charlotte's Web Poncho (C)
  60. Chell Grissam's Lightweight Jewel Shawl (C) (the tie makes it poncho like)
  61. Cherry Tree Hill's Old Rose Poncho (K)
  62. Child's Poncho (C)
  63. Chris Carroll's Jayda's Poncho (K)
  64. Christy McMahon's Kid's Beaded Poncho (C)
  65. Christy McMahon's Pretty Plus Size Poncho (C)
  66. CJ Roshak's Poncho (C)
  67. Classic Elite's Charmed Poncho (K)
  68. Classic Elite's Lou Lou and La Gran Poncho (K)
  69. Clearwater Knits' Ladies' Poncho (K)
  70. Coats and Clark Baby Poncho (C)
  71. Craftown's Asymmetrical Cross Stitch Poncho (C)
  72. Craftown's Child's Poncho (C)
  73. Craft Yarn Council Knitted Poncho (K)
  74. Craft Yarn Council Crocheted Poncho (C)
  75. Creative Knitting Magazine's Tuneful 'Rap (K)
  76. Keeley's Poncho (C)
  77. Crystal Palace Asymmetric Poof Crochet Poncho (C)
  78. Crystal Palace Big Net Mesh Asymmetrical Poncho (K)
  79. Crystal Palace Big Net Open Stitch Poncho (K)
  80. Crystal Palace Child's Capelet in Cotton Chenille with Squiggle Trim (K)
  81. Crystal Palace Choo Choo poncho (K)
  82. Crystal Palace Deco-Ribbon Openwork Poncho (K)
  83. Crystal Palace Glam Poncho (K)
  84. Crystal Palace Striped Poncho (K)
  85. DIY's Poncho-relli (Charm and Toreador ribbed poncho with ribbon) (K)
  86. Dot Matthews' Baby Short Round Poncho (C)
  87. Dot Matthews' Bows and Arrows Poncho (C)
  88. Dot Matthews's Diamond and Lace Poncho (C)
  89. Dot Matthews's Diamond Trellis Poncho (C)
  90. Dot Matthews' Doover Poncho (C)
  91. Dot Matthews' Eastwoodly Poncho (C)
  92. Dot Matthews' Elagant Lace Poncho (C)
  93. Dot Matthews' Reflection Poncho (C)
  94. Dot Matthews'Gentle Ripples Poncho (C)
  95. Dot Matthews' Lizzy the 4th Poncho (C)
  96. Dot Matthews' Short Round Poncho (C)
  97. EK's Easy Poncho (C)
  98. Emerald Moon Creations' Adult Poncho Sweater (C)
  99. Emerald Moon Creations' Child's Poncho Sweater (C)
  100. Filatura Di Crosa Zarone Cape (K)
  101. Fuzzy Galore's Cloud Poncho (K)
  102. Fuzzy Galore's Easy Crocheted Child's Poncho (C)
  103. Fuzzy Galore's Easy Poofy Capelet (K)
  104. Fuzzy Galore's Easy Lacey Capelet (K)
  105. Fuzzy Galore's Granite Poncho (C)
  106. Fuzzy Galore's Mobious Capelet (K)
  107. Fuzzy Galore's Spiky Poncho (K)
  108. Glampyre Knits Shoulder-Warmer (Boob Tube) (K)
  109. Groovy Crochet's Cape and Beret (C)
  110. Groovy Crochet's Child's Cape (C)
  111. Groovy Crochet's 3 Color Poncho (C)
  112. Groovy Crochet's Autumn Poncho (C)
  113. Groovy Crochet's Fringe Poncho (C)
  114. Groovy Crochet's Gaucho Poncho (C)
  115. Groovy Crochet's Granny Square Poncho (C)
  116. Groovy Crochet's Minimex Poncho (C)
  117. Groovy Crochet's Petite Poncho (C)
  118. Groovy Crochet's Poncho (C)
  119. Groovy Crochet's Poncho and Cap (C)
  120. Groovy Crochet's Poncho and Pants (C)
  121. Groovy Crochet's Poncho, Hat, and Bag (C)
  122. Groovy Crochet's Practical Poncho (C)
  123. Groovy Crochet's Rustic Poncho (C)
  124. Groovy Crochet's Show Off Poncho (C)
  125. Groovy Crochet's Two For The Road Ponchos (C)
  126. Groovy Crochet's Woodland Poncho (C)
  127. Groovy Crochet's Versatile Poncho (C)
  128. Hello Yarn's One Baaad Poncho (K)
  129. Howe2Knit's Cabled Poncho (K)
  130. Interweave's Round the Caplet (C)
  131. Interweave's Staff Ponchos (K)
  132. It's a Girl Thing Poncho (K)
  133. Janelle Schlossman's Child`s V-st Poncho (C)
  134. Janelle Schlossman's Easy Poncho
  135. Janelle Schlossman's Lacet Stitch Poncho (C)
  136. Janelle Scholossman's Lacey Plus Size Poncho (C)
  137. Janelle Schlossman's Open Stitch Rib Child`s Poncho (C)
  138. Janelle Schlossman's Pretty Shells Plus Size Poncho (C)
  139. Janelle Schlossman's Sky Poncho (C)
  140. Joanna's Poncho (K)
  141. Jo-Ann's Scalloped Cape (C)
  142. Jo-Ann's Seafoam Crochet Poncho (C)
  143. Julie A. Bolduc's Scalloped Fashion Doll Poncho (C)
  144. Katie McEvoy's Cleopatra Pattern (K)
  145. KnitList's Poncho Recipe (K)
  146. Spanish Style Poncho (K)
  147. Knitty's Villa (K)
  148. Linda Craftiques' Cabled Poncho (K)
  149. Liza Prior Lucy's Iceland Knit Poncho with Bobble Fringe (K)
  150. Lacy Shell Poncho (C)
  151. Mackenzie's Stainless Steel Poncho (K)
  152. Maggie's Crochet Martha's Coming Home Poncho (C)
  153. Maggie's Crochet Martha's Mini Coming Home Ponchos (C)
  154. Maggi Stitches Ribbon Poncho (K)
  155. Maize Hutton's Poncho (K)
  156. Majorknitter's Blue, Blue, Blue Poncho (K)
  157. Major Knitter's American Doll Poncho (K)
  158. Major Knitter's Poncho Pattern (K)
  159. Mango Moon's Embellished Poncho (C)
  160. Mango Moon's No Fringe Poncho (K)
  161. Mango Moon's One Piece Poncho (K)
  162. Mango Moon's Ponchito (K)
  163. Marlo D. Cairns Triple C Poncho (K)
  164. Martha Stewart Like Poncho from Bernat (B)
  165. Martha Stewart Like Poncho from Caron (C)
  166. Martha Stewart Like Poncho by Plymouth
  167. Chenille Thick & Quick Fun Fur Sheared Poncho (K)
  168. Incredible Poncho (C)
  169. Incredible Poncho (K)
  170. Moonlight Mohair Poncho (K)
  171. Poncho Scarf (B)
  172. Midnight Knitter's Seaweed Wrap (K)
  173. Striped Poncho (C)
  174. Moda Dea Cache Crocheted Poncho (C)
  175. Moda Dea's Poncho (K)
  176. Moda Dea's Swirl Poncho (C)
  177. Moda Dea's Ticker Tape Poncho (C)
  178. Moda Dea's Vixen Poncho (C)
  179. Hannah's Poncho (K)
  180. Myra Wood's Easy Peasy Poncho (C)
  181. Nancy Valocik Buttoned-Up Knitted Shawl (very poncho-like)
  182. Natalie Langkilde's Poncho shawl (K)
  183. Ornaghi Filati Acapulco Poncho (K)
  184. Ornaghi Filati Biberon Poncho Fucsia (K)
  185. Ornaghi Filati Oslo Mantellina (K)
  186. Paige's Poncho by Marnie Maclean (B)
  187. Pam Davis' Opal Child's Poncho (K)
  188. Pam Davis' Lacy Opal Shawl-Poncho (K)
  189. Pam Davis' Opal Fall Poncho (K)
  190. Peg Thomas' Short Simple Cape (K)
  191. Poncho Pattern Generators (K)
  192. Rachel's Beauty in Bloom Poncho (C)
  193. Rare Yarns' Butterfly Poncho (K)
  194. Red Heart Symphony Poncho (K)
  195. Roz's Beginner Poncho for Everyone (K)
  196. Roz's Poncho (K)
  197. Roz's Tuck Lace Poncho (Machine Knit)
  198. Sandi Marshall's Cape Sized For Toddlers And Small Children (C)
  199. Schachenmayr Chid's Poncho (C)
  200. Schachenmayr Poncho Shawl (K)
  201. Scotty Maloney's Dog Poncho (K)
  202. Signa's Bed Cape (K)
  203. Sskeins' Easy Baby Poncho (K)
  204. Patons Diploma (K)
  205. Steph Thorton's Child's Poncho (C)
  206. Stephanie Japel's Paris Loop (K)
  207. Sue Kawamoto's Holey Moley Poncho (K)
  208. Sugar N Creme Easy Crocheted Ponchos (C)
  209. Susan Esser's Poncho-Eula (K)
  210. Pepper Poncho (K)
  211. The Knitting Garden's Chunky Print Wrap (K)
  212. Women's Weekly Crocheted Poncho (C)

All the links listed above are the result of some serious google searching :) I have no affiliation with any of the sites and probably have not researched them beyond the page on which the pattern is located.