Friday, November 19, 2004


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Here is the bag blocking on my living room floor. You can click on the image above for the super big picture if you want (Dial Up Beware), and check out the stitches up close. I think they are pretty even. If they aren't, oh well I am not froggin a darn thing! Anyways, I think I did pretty darn good for my very first Fair Isle attempt :) Zoe sure seems to like it...

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I can't keep her off of it, and I'm worried she's gonna end up with a pin in her butt! I had to finally just cover it with a heavy blanket. I'm sure that anyone who has pets can completely relate to this. I will just take it as a compliment. Tomorrow I will be going to my knitting group and having an end weaving party. Photos will follow.

Are you sick of this project yet?? The plans are in the works for the next one. Remember this? I am swatching it as we speak.