Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I love the mail man...

cause he brings me stuff! Here are my two latest acquisitions. You will notice that they are accompanied by my husbands big ole feet. He decided that it was a perfect opportunity to show off a pair of socks that I knit him. Unfortunately, the color didn't showing up very well. They are actually a very pretty green.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I knit the socks with Wool Ease on two circular needles, my weapons of choice. They are super warm, so he may not get much use out of them in this climate. Now for my goodies...

On the left is Reynolds Saucy color 960. The shade is actually lighter (my lighting stinks!)than it appears in the picture. It is a 100% mercernized cotton made in Brazil.

On the right with my husband's stinky feet sitting on it is the Rebecca 27 magazine I ordered after seeing it on other people's. tell you what, reading other people's blogs is dangerous. I wonder if I am causing someone to run for their credit card with this entry!