Monday, December 06, 2004

What I've Been Up To

I wanted to show everyone what I have been up to the last couple of days. I have been working on my sister Misti's Christmas present. For many years now she has been an utter cherry fanatic. Her entire kitchen is decorated in cherries, and she buys almost everything she sees that has cherries on it. With this in mind, I decided to design her a scarf and hat set embellished with, you guessed it, cherries.

I wanted it to be black to match her leather jacket, and I didn't want to use bright crayon red and green. Instead, I chose a very pretty burgandy and forest green color. I wanted the scarf to be stockinette, but I didn't want to worry about it rolling up. I also didn't want to put a garter stitch border on it to remedy the roll. This prompted me to knit the scarf in the round. The combo of knitting in the round and intarsia created a little difficulty, so I opted to take the easy route and use the  duplicate stitch instead. Some may call this cheating, but I will call this maintaing the sanity. I charted out the cherries, knit untill I had enough space to stitch the cherries, and voila!

Here is the beginning of a scarf that is guaranteed to make my sister freak, and I can't wait to give it to her!! I just wish I could be there in person to see her face when she opens it. I will demand that she at least wait until we are on the phone together to open it. I'm glad she doesn't read my blog! I would hate for the surprise to be spoiled. I just couldn't wait to show everyone! Please give me your honest oppinion of what you think.

I am knitting on size ten circulars with a pretty bulky worsted weight yarn, so this shouldn't take an incredibly long time to knit. I want it to be pretty long however, so it may not get finished by Christmas. She has been warned this and told that it will be worth the wait :) Rob is getting out of the stresses of Christmas as usual, but I did have him help me ball the yarn...

Why is my husband a such a dork?? Pity me people. Pity me.