Monday, January 03, 2005

Show N Tell: Jenn's Entry

This is a scarf that I knitted up pretty fast. In like a day or two. I used size 13 needles I think and the yarn is TLC Macaroon. And the color is Granite. I ordered the yarn from Herrschners. It only took one 3 oz/115 yd ball of yarn. This was just straight knitted too. I made this scarf out of yarn that was left over from a shawl that I made a while back. I was going through my closet and got bored, so I pulled it out and made up the pattern. I'm sure there is a pattern of this around somewhere, its not that hard. Oh by the way, this scarf was crocheted, guess I should mention that. Also I used a size J hook. The yarn I used was some kind of baby yarn. I'm not really quite sure what it is called, since I just had the ball of yarn in my closet. I have the name of it somewhere, but it would take much digging to find it :)

 This is a close up of that scarf. Sorry my pictures are so awful. Bad camera!I have made this purse before, but it came out pretty big. I was making it for my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend)'s sister. I'm thinking about still giving it to her. Bc she still deserves it. I shouldn't do that to her for us having problems. But I still have to put the lining in this one. The first one I made, came out too big, so that is why I made another one, and this one came out just right I think. I used Baby Coordinates for this purse. I think that is made by Bernat. But not totally sure. Here is the pattern. I think I used an I hook also.

 Here is a close up of the purse

Hope ya'll enjoyed. Sorry again the pictures were bad. I need to get a new camera badly. Hope you have a great New Years, and have a great year!