Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My What Big Eyes You Have

I went to the Optometrist today for my annual exam. Now keep in mind that before today, I have had the same doctor for years. Now that we live in Florida, I had to find a new one. This means I had no idea what his examination procedures are. I had no idea that he was gonna do this...

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Notice the iris of my eye has been reduced to a minute ring around my pupil. It reminds me of an eclipse. Having no clue that this was going to happen, I drove myself to my appointment. Let me just say that getting home was fun! Actually my sight wasn't impaired so badly that I couldn't drive, but it would have been nice to have someone else do it. The best part was wearing the huge temporary sunglasses! HaHa! I looked like such a dork. Overall I was very happy with my new Optometrist. He gave me a very thorough examination, he was very friendly and informative, and he was mighty easy on the eyes if I do say so myself. Um..pardon the pun!

I noticed the lack of pictures of my own projects. This honestly isn't from the lack of knitting anything. It's actually because I've just been lazy with my blogging. Well I can't post a picture of my eyeball without showing you what I'm working on now can I.

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