Thursday, March 17, 2005

Answering Questions

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everybody!!! I figured for today's entry I would answer a couple of questions. A few of you wanted to know where I ordered the Jaeger Handknits JB35 book from and how much it costs. One place you can order it from is Patternworks, and it costs 16.50.

 When I went to order from them, I discovered they were out of the book until May 20th. (They are back in stock now) My friend Janette told me she was placing an order with Ram Wools, and she asked if I would like her to order my book when she did. Thank you Janette! Hopefully it will get  here soon because I am dying to knit with the Baby Silk! I told her to not be surprised if she gets a knock on her door right after she calls to say it is here. Yesterday I linked to the other site because it had better pictures of the patterns that were included in the book.

Inez asked for information on knitting machines. Unfortunately, I don't really know too much about them. I can tell you one thing though, around Christmas time I start wishing I owned one or a machine that slows down time. Since I don't know enough to really answer any questions, I did a google search to see what I could come up with. Hopefully these links will be helpful. Machine Knitting Patterns & Information
Bond Knitting Machine Patterns
Knit Addicted's Machine Knitting Links

I hope you all have a great Saint Patty's Day. Make sure you wear green so you don't get pinched!