Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday Already!?

Holy Cow this week went by like a flash of lightning! I can't get over how time flies. It is kind of scary actually. What if I blink and turn 80? Yikes! My friend Janette emailed me to let me know that my book has arrived! I guess you know where I'm headed this morning, and I'll be arriving with yarn and needles. I'm guessing the pattern will call for either size 2 or 3's so I'll just bring 2-4 to be on the safe side. Poor Twist is lavishing across my knitting basket screaming for her straps and I'm itching to start this new project. The silk is calling to me! Hopefully poor twist will have her straps this weekend so that I can focus all my attention on the yummy goodness that is Peruvian Baby Silk!

Now for some blog updates...

I have yet to fix the broken links on the Poncho list. Why did Lionbrand and Berroco move their stuff around. Don't they know I'm busy! I also haven't completed very much of my inventory. This project has not been forgotten. I think I'll make a goal to create one inventory entry a day including a picture of the yarn. I will make a main page that either has a list of the yarn inventoried or a thumbnail. I haven't decided which. Show N' Tell is still going strong. I just had another entry emailed to me today. I get so excited every time I get a new submission. I really like Show N Tell, and I see that you do as well since 100% voted yes. I will keep this going until I stop receiving entries which I hope will be never.

That's it for today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. I plan on biting the ears off at least one chocolate bunny! Yummmm!