Thursday, April 14, 2005

Where was I...

Yesterday when I was at Sip and Knit, Donnie and I chatted for a while as my grandma looked for yarn. She was telling me how she has a locked shoulder and she may have to go in for sugery. This is seriously bad news for a yarn shop owner. She has comissions and samples to knit, and surgery isn't exactly conducive to that. I told her that I would be happy to knit some samples for her store if she needed me to, and she said she would probably take me up on it! I'm soooooooooo excited!! I left my phone number with her, and I hope she will call soon. She said that she has some new yarn coming in and that there are quite a few people interested in Felted projects, so she might need me pretty soon. Now if it isn't already awesome enough that I get to knit without paying a dime, I get yarn for my "trouble". Life is good!

Later on we went to Target and I finally saw the knitting kits everyone has been talking about. I must say that they are actually pretty cute. They come with a learn to knit DVD, needles, yarn needle, pattern, and yarn. The most expensive one was only 19.99. They had a bikini, halter top, yoga mat holder, dog toys, a dog bed, ummmm cell phone holder, scarves, and a shawl. I am sure that I left something out. Most of the yarns looked like cotton, but I think one was Paton's Brilliance. I couldn't tell for sure, because they don't package it with a wrapper. For those of you that are beginner knitter's, I think that these kits would be perfect! You should go and check them out.

At the end of my great knitty day, I sat down and started working on my grandma's belt, and I knit a few inches of the coordinating scarf yarn. They look pretty cute together if I do say so myself. I have already knit about 36 inches or so on the belt. She wants it to be 52" long so that she can tie it and then  have the ends hang a bit. I'll knit make the belt 40" long so that it will allow for the 6 inch fringe I am going to put on it. I'll probably bead the fringe as well. I'll be finished with this tomorrow I'm sure. I just love instant gratification projects! They can be so refreshing, but they are distracting me from sewing up Twist. I really need to stop procrastinating on this project. Anyone else ever have this problem?