Sunday, May 22, 2005

Show N Tell: Vicki's Entry

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Hi I would like to show off my socks. The pattern is the blueberry waffle. I don't like to knit in just one color and strips make it work up fast. These socks were donated to the senior center in my area so they can sell and they use the money for repairs,supplies. I make for them about 15 pairs plus 15 fur hats, sorry i don't have a picture of them. My socks and hats were a hit, they sold them in one day, and even had orders to get more.

Right now I'm working on more hats and socks for them and I also want to add other kinds of items like scarfs,mittens, and shawls. This will be a September surprise for them. Then they will be all set for winter. I already have 10 pairs of socks, 10 hats, 2 pairs of mittens, and only one scarf. The scarf is Wavy from

During the hot summer months I hope to get some shawls done. I know the older ladies would love them. I found so many good patterns at your site. Thank you so much. tI was like christmas for me to be able to find and make it up for them.

Happy Knitting