Sunday, June 19, 2005

Show N Tell: Janette's Entry

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I have been spinning since November, 2002, learning how to spin on a spindle first to make sure I enjoyed spinning (which I most definitely did) and purchased my Lendrum DT Complete in 2003. I love my wheel! Although I am not a fast spinner, since I love to knit, I have quite an assortment of merino yarns stockpiled I thought I would share with you.

The multi-colored hot pink merino was purchased from Paradise Fibers. It is the wonderful handpainted roving "Rhapsody in Pink." I didn't realize instructions were posted on their website on "how to spin your own self-striping yarn" before I started spinning my yarn, but I like mine anyway. I have approximately 600 yards so far with more left to spin. It is destined to be either socks or fingerless mitts for my daughter, or maybe both!

The Ashland Bay dark purple merino is my most recent spinning endeavor. With 2 lbs in all to spin, it is slow going. It is earmarked to become my first, originally designed sweater - for me! Let's see if that happens! (My daughter is my best customer!)

The brown yarn is also Ashland Bay merino….not a clue as to what I will knit with it! I'm waiting for inspiration. The sage green is also Ashland Bay, but merino and silk. A joy to spin!!! I have 1500 yards and hope to knit a shawl with it one day.

Unlike many spinners who try new fibers, I pretty much fell in love with spinning merino. Maybe one of these days I will branch out and try something new!

My goal is to spin lace weight yarn. I am close but not quite there yet! Self taught from online websites such as and, I now belong to a spinning guild that meets once a month. We not only enable each other, we learn from each other. If anyone is interested in learning how to spin, my recommendation would be to look for a guild in your area. It is an invaluable resource!