Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Another Reason To Like Living In Florida

How cool is it that all I had to do today to see the shuttle launch is walk out my front door and look up! This was the first time I have seen a shuttle launch first hand. Usually I'm glued to the television instead. Sadly the first shuttle launch I remember was The Challenger. I remember all of us kids gathered in the cafeteria at school watching it on television. We didn't quite understand what we were seeing right before the teachers started ushering us back to our rooms. I must say I was a mixture of excited and nervous as I watched the shuttle soar into the sky this morning. I cheered along with all my neighbors as the fuel tanks fell away without incident. It was an amazing sight! I wish that I had pictures for you but my camara battery doesn't charge anymore and there was no way I could have ran a chord that far out.

After it disappeared I went inside to watch the news and knit. I have nearly completed the Sugar N Creme OSW for my sister. Here is the progress along with the magazine Birdsong sent me :) I won a who can email me the fastest contest on her blog! Boy have I been lucky in the contest department lately!! Thanks Birdsong!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Speaking of contests, remember the one I had not too long ago? Diane was the winner of the faeries and they arrived safe and sound in the UK. Click here to go see them :) I think they have found an excellent home. Have a great day everyone!! I'm heading for bed.