Monday, July 18, 2005

Show N Tell: Sue's Entry

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Good Morning!
First time to do this, but here's an entry for the Show and Tell. I admire all the work you have done to help crochet-ers. Thanks!

This is a shrug that I made for my daughter. I used Lion Glitterspun Bronze (took 3 skeins). I bought the pattern from an E-Bay seller, Diane Langan is the designer. The pattern called for Paton's Brilliant. I used the Glitterspun for a more "solid" looking shrug. I will be making this up in some ribbon (Incredible) shortly - don't know how that will work, but I think it's going to be nice. I am trying to "translate" patterns from numbers of rows and stitches to inches. That way I can adapt almost any pattern to use the multiple yarns and bulky yarns that I love working with. Thanks for having this. I will be sending you my "military" scarves - they're my own design!

Very best to you,
Sue - in the Log House