Sunday, July 03, 2005

Show N Tell: Veronica's Entry

I am a bear maker and have also begun making dolls this past year. I spent some time this winter just "surfing" around as I was house-bound after carpal tunnel surgery... guess what I did then? Stumbled on Norm's sweet little needle felted bears... I had seen them last year..but lost track of them for awhile. I bought a few... but, then..decided I had to learn to make my own. I also needle felt bears as well as stitching up the mohair much to do and not nearly enough hours in a day hey? Here is my latest little guy ...I want to share him with you for Show and Tell...he is barely 2.75 inches... just over 2 sitting....

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His name is Bluebeary Ice.... He is made from lovely soft New Zealand wool that is actually a hank of tri-colour roving... I carefully separated it at the colour change so I could get a one colour bear... then the white is bits plucked from the white mohair that I use for my Poodles and Bichons. I needled it in for the toes and a bit on the ears and other areas where I wanted to add a bit of fuzz or get a softer look. His eyes are onyx beads, the nose is embroidered and he is fully string jointed like my other tiny bears. Hope your readers enjoy meeting the "Iceman" !!

If you would like to see some of my other "stuff"...I do have a Picturetrail site...
Veronica Philion
Calgary, Canada