Monday, August 22, 2005

Show N Tell: Treez Entry

This is a doll believe it or not!

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Hello, my dear friend Veronica Phillion showed a bear of hers which is the most adorable little bear ever that I have seen. She has suggested to me that I show you my doll I recently sculpted as she thought you would be keen to show it? His name is Joshua and he is a full size sculpt and took many months to make. He was a commission for a lady and friend who resides in the USA (Im in the UK). He has a cloth body that is jointed so his arms and legs move freely and his eyes are made of solid glass, german made. His hair is dark brown mohair and he has the cutest little button nose and the sweetest smile. Joshua was made from polymer clay and I am so pleased with him and I hope his new Mummy will love him as much. I hope it shows that he was made with love. :O)

Big hugs,