Friday, August 26, 2005

Waiting For Butterfly

While I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive for Butterfly, I have been going through my book Knitting On The Edge looking for the perfect edge for ChicKami. When I asked my husband to look through it and tell me what he liked he proclaimed, "There is an entire book of nothing but edges?? Are you serious?" Well yeah! Duh! He just doesn't get it does he. If you haven't seen this book before, you should go and check it out. It is a wonderful resource for people who are learning the ins and outs of designing knitwear. Today we pick out an edge. Tomorrow we design the whole sweater. Yay!! I can't wait! My ultimate goal as a knitter is to design my own patterns. I think that would be so incredible! I have always admired people that could do that, and I want to be one of them! Take Bonne Marie of ChicKnits for example. She is an incredible designer! I don't think I have seen a design that I did not like yet. I wish I could hang out with her in hopes that some of that talent might rub off!