Friday, September 23, 2005

Shawls Shawls Shawls!!

I went shopping the other day with Grandmommy, and everywhere I looked there were shawls and wraps! There were so many different patterns and colors. I almost bought one and then nearly smacked myself. Helloooo I can knit one of these! Helloooo I have a beautiful blue one at home right now :) First things first, I will finish ChicKami and Butterfly, and then I think I'm going to myself a warm snuggly shawl. Yes I'm going to knit the Peacock Shawl, but first I want to knit something warm to take with me when I go to Virginia in January. Now I just need to find the right pattern, so I decided to revamp my Free Shawl Pattern list. I have already gone through the knit patterns, and now I'm starting on the crochet patterns. I figure this way I'll find exactly what I want, and maybe you'll find one you want too.