Thursday, October 27, 2005


I spent the evening in tangled yarn hell!! I am knitting a scarf for a yarn shop and the helpful wonderful pattern says, "Wind skeins of Eros and Electra on a ball winder and pull from the center and the outside for 2 strands." The lovely pattern didn't say how big of a pain in the butt it is to use Eros with a ball wander (it's super slippery), and how much trouble you can get yourself into when it doesn't work. I figured I would have the scarf completed this evening but instead spent the whole evening untangling Eros. I must say, this is one of the coolest novelty yarn scarves I have seen in a while, and the colors are fantastic!

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Well there you have my scarf mess. What you see here is Odyssey Glitz 4796, Eros Extreme 4796, Eros 4796, Electra 201, Parrot 4796, and Jungle 4796. The scarf is knit longways alternating between these six yarns. It can easily be finished in an evening as long as you don't go whacko with a ball winder like I did. I had a much better success rate using this method.

Coming soon will be pictures of the Lacy Wrap from the Fall 2005 Vogue I'm working on, and a felted bag with matching cell phone holder (in it's unfelted state) I knit for class. Can you tell I've been busy?