Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Long Awaited Shawl Picture!!

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In case you didn't catch this insane and barely coherent entry I figured I should give more info about the shawl in yesterday's picture. The wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous, awesome, I'm running out of adjectives, shawl was knit by none other than Becky from Knitting Interrupted. She donated it as a prize for Give A Little Katrina Relief which has now raised over $100,000!!! Becky is too awesome for words give away such a fantabulous (i'm just going to start inventing adjectives) knitted shawl, and I'm just too lucky for words to have won it. Right now Becky is collecting snippets of yarn for her Snippets Journal project. You can read all about it here. Becky, thank you again for the shawl!! I will love and cherish it always :)