Sunday, October 30, 2005

Show N Tell: Debbi's Entry

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Hi, Just in time for Halloween......a Pumpkin Patch. I made these for my nephew's Pre-K class. I found the pattern at I included the two Jack-o-Lanterns in the pictures to show how they look done up that way, but I decided to leave the faces off the others because of the ages of the children. I used a bright orange and dark green Red Heart worsted weight yarn, the pumpkins are crocheted with a size "F" hook, the "Jacks" with size "G" and "H" hooks. I used the green for the first round of the lid instead of the orange called for in the pattern. The lid is attached in the back and opens to reveal the "Treats". My name is Debbi, I am a 47 yr old widow and Grandma living in the Orlando area and providing daycare for my 5 yr old nephew and 3 yr old niece. I finally learned how to crochet three years ago while visiting with my extremely talented friend, Cheryl. My other hobbies include making Rosaries, French Beaded Flowers, bead-weaving, cross-stitching, and I am learning knitting.