Monday, March 06, 2006

Show N Tell: Veronica's Entry

Oh, look.... a blizzard just blew in a polar bear even if he is ever so tiny! (in my dreams of course, as our weather here in my corner of Canada for November is unseasonably warm....we are breaking records today at +22C!! Almost took the motorcycle out!!) I decided to name him Blizz and gave him a festive red velvety hat with a jingly bell on the end.. ..he is ready for the holiday season! He is only 1.5 inches seated; he doesn't stand well because he is a bent legged design, but if he did...he would be about 2.25... He is needle felted from Natural Icelandic top wool from New Zealand. I found this great little sleigh last Christmas..on sale somewhere...sure wish I could remember where because now I want more of them! It is just a cheapy resin thing...but looks to me like real carved wood and is perfect for tiny bears.

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Veronica sent this in a while back so I'm sure it has warmed up quite a bit :) Thanks so much for sending in this cutey! I love him!!