Saturday, April 08, 2006

Drop Stitch Bangel Belt Pattern

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Here is the pattern for now...

Use size 7 K knitting needle
1 ball Judi & Co. Hand-Painted Groovy Yarn
2 metal rings

BANGLE ROW k1,SB,k3,SB,k3,SB,k3,SB,k3
SB means slip a bangle up to the needle

String bangles (the number of bangles would depend on the lenght of your belt.)
Cast on 13 sts (supersticious?? haha!)
K 6 rows (this is the part that will fold over the metal rings
*Bangle row
K 3 rows
K1, yo 2 times to last stitch, K1
K 1 drop yo to last stitch, K1
K 4 rows *

Repeat from * until the belt is as long as you want it. Remember the end will be woven through the rings so you might want to stop adding the bangles at that point.Fold the first six rows over the ring and sew with thread. You can crochet around the rings like this belt or leave them plain.

Now for the bragging! The belt in the picture was knit by one of my incredible students, Marlynn! She described a belt she had seen, I wrote this pattern just for her, and we are sharing it with you. Marlynn I am so proud of you!!