Thursday, December 09, 2004


This scarf is coming along very slowly, and I doubt very seriously that I'll have it done in time for Christmas. Here is a picture of Luna ( Look Diane I finally named her) measuring the scarf at a big whopping 11 inches!

I know that isn't much progress, but my hands have kinda been achey lately and it seems to be slowing me down a bit. I know I know waaaa! I read some great advice on the Knitlist about how long a scarf should be. Someone said that if you make the scarf as long as the person is tall then it will be the perfect length. Lucky for me my sister is only 4'11" hehe!

Do you think I will go out of my mind after 59 inches of Stockinette? Nah! This is nice and easy knitting. I don't even have to look at my hands! That means I can read a book or watch tv with no problem. You almost forget you are even knitting. I took it to Chili's with me yesterday and worked on it while we were waiting for our food.