Saturday, January 03, 2004

A Done Deal

It's pretty much a done deal. We sent in the apartment applicaton along with the deposit today. Everything seems to be moving right on along. So for now it is pack pack pack pack PACK! I have been cleaning and scrubbing and sorting and trashing and packing all week! I don't really see much progress though. I need to hurry up and get my wand out of the shop! This could be done so much faster if I had the darn thing! I never seem to have it when I really need it!

Ok, so I was thinking about my resolutions (namely the first one which is to learn a new knitting technique) and reading posts from one of my yahoo knitting groups , and they were talking about a book called Crazy Toes and Heels. This book teaches you the technique of knitting two, yes two, socks at the same time on two circular needles. It is fully illustrated for people who are visual learners, and I'm seriously considering buying it. I know I said "If we don't need it to survive, we don't need it.", but darn it all to haites I haven't spent a dime of my Christmas money on myself. I think I can splurge on the 24.95...well 28.80 after shipping. I have wanted to learn this method for a while now. When you knit socks you discover a problem we call Second Sock Syndrome. In other words, hey I did this once do I have to do it all again? You end up forgetting what changes you made to the pattern for the first sock or the second sock comes out a completely different size. Ask my husband about SSS. He's been waiting for the mate to a hunter green sock for quite some time. If you knit both of the socks at the same time, then you don't have to worry about SSS. Well that settles it! I have to get the book. After all, it is a cure for a highly irratiting syndrome. Well now I have completely rationalized spending some money on something other than the move. I knew this Blog would be good for sumfin'!