Thursday, January 29, 2004

Gotta Love The Library

My husband and I went to the library today. I checked out some pretty great books. I have Vogue Dictionary of Stitches, Knitting On The Road Sock Patterns For The Traveling Knitter, and Knitter's Stash. These are wonderful books. I don't know about you, but I loooooooooooove looking at patterns. I think I could look at the same pattern book hundreds of times and not get bored. I love checking out books at the library, because then I can decide whether I want to spend the money on buying the book or not. For example, I was thinking of buying Stitch and Bitch, so I have it on hold at the library when it gets turned in Feb. 3. I get to try before I buy it. How cool is that. Heehee! I didn't get any actual knitting done today. I also didn't put my camara software back on the computer yet so no project pictures right now. I'm not lazy I swear! Haha! I just have 27 million things going on right now. I'm going to at least try to post every day until the move. Then you will have to forgive my absence for a couple of days. Well, I'm off to flip through my books! Have a great night all.