Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I'm baaaaaaaaack

It's amazing how much happens in one week. I don't know where to start. Sandy, my mother-in-law, and I went to a local yarn shop, and she bought me some knitting needles and a pattern book. The book is Folk Bags 30 Patterns & Tales From Around The World. This book is awesome! I want to make every single bag in it. Right now I am making both the large and small Oragami bag. The pattern calls for you to knit in the back of each stitch in the row for every other row. I am having a really hard time with this because the stitches are so tight. I do my best to knit as loose as possible, but I am still struggling. Am I doing something wrong?? I wonder if anyone else has this problem.

After we left the yarn shop I couldn't stop thinking about the Brittany Birch needles that they had. I decided to buy an entire set. Unfortunately the store didn't have all the sizes in stock. So far I have sizes 4, 5, 6, 10 3/4, 10 7/8, 11, and 17 in 14" single point. I hope they get more in before I move. I am debating buying the rest online because I am so impatient. Sandy is going to help me make a case for them out of some pretty paisley material that I have. I can't wait until I have the whole set!

I also bought a Bagsmith Project Bag. This thing rocks! I totally love it. It is made with unbleached muslin, and it has a bazillion pockets for all your needles and notions. I couldn't wait to get my stuff in it. I tore it out of the plastic as soon as my mom and I got in the car. I have some of my knitting projects in it right now. I am thinking about buying another one for my crocheting projects.

I have a ton of projects going on. Yay! I made my mom a black eyelash scarf, and I am currently working on the matching hat. As you know Zoe loves eyelash yarn so I decided to make her a small eyelash blanket for her very own. She is going to love it! As you already now I am also working on the Orgami bags, Sunflower Afghan, Striped Scarf (on the waaaaaaaay back burner), and the Warm Up America Squares. I bought the yarn for a beautiful Cabled Sweater that I have a free pattern for, and I also bought some yummy Lana Grossi Tweed Sock yarn. I am going to learn how to knit two socks on two ciculars with this yarn. I am going to post some pictures of this stuff, but for now I have to get back to packing. Happy crafting!!!