Saturday, March 27, 2004


I met with my knitting group again yesterday. I really enjoy our meetings. I have so much fun chatting and knitting with my new friends. A couple of the ladies in my group spin. One of them has been sending me a lot of information on spinning, and I am going to try it. She is even going to give me some roving to learn with when we meet next Saturday. She is sooooo nice. I had actually been interested in spinning for quite some time. I think it would be so amazing to spin your own yarn and then knit with it. Do you know that people spin with dog and cat hair? When I heard about spinning with dog hair I wondered if it would stink. I mean think about what a wet dog smells like. Everyone I have talked to said that it doesn't. I know one thing for sure. My cat Zoe sheds enough for me to spin and knit another cat! What I would really like to do is get some angora rabbits! I love angora yarn. I never buy it, because it costs way more than I can afford! If I get bunnies I can spin my own angora. I love rabbits anyways, so what is a better excuse to get some! If you want to see some adorable angoras Click Here. They are absolutely adorable.

I paused knitting my 2x2 socks for a couple of days so that I could finish a pair of socks for my husband's birthday present. Now I can finally scratch that off of my list. I started this pair of socks a long time ago but developed a bad case of second sock syndrome. I think he had given up on ever getting the second sock, so I decided to surprise him with it. He is away at school a lot, so I didn't have a problem hiding it from him. He almost caught me one time though. He walked right up behind the couch and was standing over me before I even heard him. Luckily he was looking at the TV and not me, so I was able to stick it underneath of an afghan! Whew! I'll post a picture of the socks soon. For now I am going to do some spinning research. Until next time...