Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Sexy Summer Patterns Cont.

I have continued the hunt for more sexy summer patterns. More will soon follow. If you crochet, don't worry. I am going to be adding plenty of crochet pattern links. In fact there is one in this entry. Enjoy!

White Lies Designs has HOT HOT HOT lingerie patterns for sale. I am definately going to buy a couple of patterns from this site. Heehee! I think it would be too fun to knit lingerie!  The designer also offers free patterns. I thought the Shapely Tank was quite sexy :)

We all know that Knitty rocks!! You can find some verrrrrrry sexy patterns there. My favorite sexy patterns on this site are Twins, Cleo, and Sigma. One of the patterns from Twins is definately going to make it onto my needles!

At Once Upon A Pattern I found a pattern for a Crocheted Garter. Garters are quite sexy and make a great gift for a bride to be. This is an old pattern, but I'm sure you'll agree that a garter is timeless.

This pattern is from Rebecca. It is called Bikini with Ribbed Pattern, but you could wear the top anytime. This is a PDF file that you can download.  You need Adobe Acrobat to get it.

I have no affiliation with any of the sites listed