Sunday, August 29, 2004

Gettin Paid to Knit

You can't beat getting paid to knit! Yesterday I got to sit at a table and knit for three hours on the clock. I answered questions about my classes, and I helped some people with their Knitting and Crocheting problems. It amazes me that someone would actually come to me for help! I have a lot of experience crocheting, but as some of you know I've only been knitting for about four years. Sure I know enough about knitting to teach a beginner's class, but how much do I really know about knitting? This leads me to consider the TKGA's Master Knitter program. I figure it would be a good way for me to find out what I know and do not know. It would definitely be a challenge.

Ever since I taught myself to knit I have tried very hard to challenge myself every chance I get. My first project was a baby sweater and my second was a pair of socks for my hubby. Whenever I pick something to knit I try not to think, "Can I do this? Is this a good project for a beginner?" I just arm myself with good books and google, and I go to town. Does my project come out perfect? Well I really wish I could say yes, but that would be a big ole lie! So far, (knock on wood) I haven't  had any irreparable disasters, but I have had some screw ups. The beautiful thing about knitting is that all you have to do is rip back and start over. It is all a learning experience, and I still have so much to learn.

The wonderful thing about keeping this blog, is that I can document my learning experiences. When I find a good site that helped me figure out a problem, I can share it with you. When I make a mistake, I can share that also. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to admit my mistakes, but hey maybe someone (besides me) could learn from it. It's also nice to get a "Hey it's ok I've done that too. Hang in there" from some really nice people :) Remember the chart reading incident? That was too funny. I almost didn't post that booboo.

Well, I better hit the sack. My LYS is having a crazy "get up at the crack of dawn wear your pj's and come shop" sale and I have to get up at, well the crack of dawn. Details later :)