Saturday, August 14, 2004

I'm Still Here!

I haven't abandoned the blog. I promise.  You see, Hurricane Charlie has this real problem. He just has to be the center of attention! I really think that he should have been hugged more as a child. Maybe he needs some therapy??

I took my Ribby Shell over to the next door neighbors for some good ole hurricane party knitting. Not having to read a chart or a pattern was especially helpful once the power went out. I highly recommend this pattern for some seriously easy and relaxing knitting. I did put Ribby down long enough to teach my next door neighbor Kim how to knit. I have a ton of extra needles and a stash of kitchen cotton that I may never see the bottom of, so I got her started on an easy dishcloth. She was a very fast learner.

I would really like to show progress pictures of Ribby, but it is for my mom who is a daily reader of my blog. Hi Mom! She knows she is getting a tank, but hasn't seen the pattern picture or the yarn. That is the one drawback of Christmas knitting and blogging. Maybe I should just figure out how to block my family from my blog! Hahaa! Just kidding Mom!! Maybe.......(insert evil laugh here)