Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'm a tease...

As usual! I finished Shedir Sunday, but I haven't taken pictures of her yet. I wanted to get some pictures outside in natural light, but I have been working during the day. I don't have to go in until noon tomorrow so I'll get Rob to snap some pictures. I am really happy with the way she turned out. I'm glad that I ripped out the repeats. It would have been too long otherwise. I guess that would have been my punishment for not bothering to make a swatch even when substituting yarn!

The front of Twist is well on it's way to being completed. The right side is on a stitch holder and I am almost done with the neckline and armhole shaping on the left side. Now is the time to decide whether I want skinny straps or wider straps. The beautiful thing about knitting is that I can always rip/add if I change my mind and no harm will be done. Don't you just love it.

By the way, I have some great news. My brother is officially out of Iraq. He hasn't made it to the states yet. I believe that they are in Kuwait at the moment. He should be home in the next week or so! Thanks to everyone for all the good thoughts and prayers sent his way. He made it through a war without a scratch. We're truly blessed. He will be coming down her to visit with his wife some time in March, and my husband's aunt is getting them Disney tickets. My other news is that my husband is finished with flight school! He passed his final test on Friday, and he is up for his interview on the 1st. Life is good!! See you on Thursday with some pictures I promise!