Monday, February 21, 2005

Show N Tell: Casey's Entry

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I used to sell my work at miniature shows and some of it is in miniature museums. I did this for 25 years and got kind of burnt out...Thus the knitting!! The garden scene was built a couple of years ago. I found the birdcage at "Big Lots" and decided it would make an ideal garden display. My miniatures are 1/12 scale. In other words, 1"=1'. The wicker furniture is my own design and I build it just as the full sized counterparts would be built. I use real antique pieces as my inspiration. It is woven with #20 crochet thread. The afgan is crocheted from a pattern for a normal sized baby afghan. I used antique mercerized cotton sewing thread and a #14 crochet hook to do it. It measures 3" x 4 1/4". Again, 1"=1'. The brick planter in the background is a greenware ceramic piece that I painted to look like miniature stones. The plants and flowers are all punched from paper with special petal and leaf shaped punches. Each petal is hand colored and formed before putting together in the plants.