Friday, February 18, 2005

Knitty Surprises???

I guess I should have elaborated more about the surprises on Knitty. In their latest Winter issue there have been two slots left open for patterns the patterns, Surprise 1 and Surprise 2.  Yesterday they revealed the surprises. Surprise pattern 1 is a baby hat called Miss Dashwood. Surprise pattern 2 is another hat called Noa 3-in-1. They did the same thing in the Fall issue. If you click 1 and 2 on the entry below it will take you to the patterns or you can just click on the links in this issue. Make more sense now? Sorry about the confusion :oP

I forced myself to put down my new top (I think I'll call it Twist after the yarn I'm using and the little cable twists going down the one side) last night to work on Shedir. Guess what! I only have 22 rows left! Yay! I'm hoping to have it in the mail box by Monday. This would be a very fast project for someone with a decent amount of knitting time every day. I could see it being finished in under a week. After all it is only 83 rows. I have really enjoyed knitting it and I will probably make another one which is unusual for me.

And just because I seem to be on a roll for finding weird hat patterns, here is another link. I still think the Chicken Hat has it beat. You know what I thought of when I saw the Chicken Hat? Do you remember that episode of Friends where Joey got his head stuck in a turkey? Hahahaha! Maybe the designer was a Friends fan? 

One last thing before I go, I was made aware of a website called It is a great resource for yarn information. Next time you are planning a new project you can research yarn by brand, name, weight, fiber, texture, and more. You can also become a member and review the different yarns you try. I'm hoping this site will catch on quick so that there will be lots of reviews. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday with the next Show N' Tell.