Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Just a small break...

But it's for a great reason! My brother Nick and his wife are coming to my house tomorrow! This will be the first time I have seen my brother in over a year. I can't wait to see his face! Thursday we are going to got to Wekiva Springs Park and see if we can see some manatees, Friday we are going to MGM and Epcot, and Saturday Nick and Emily are going to the Space Center. After that, they are going to go on a cruise. I doubt very seriously that I will have time to knit or blog while they are here. I want to soak up every minute with them. I have Monday's Show N Tell all lined up and I will have Twist pictures for you on Tuesday. I hope that you all have a great week. Before I go I'll leave you with some patterns I found. Enjoy...

Lana Grosa Silk Cardigan and Top
Lana Grosa Tre Sweater
Lana Grosa Multicot, Riso Print and Elastico Sweater
Lana Grosa Twin and Tre Sweater
Lana Grosa India Sweater
Lana Grossa Brillo Top
Lana Grosa Brillo and Silk Top
Lana Grosa Favola and Fumo Sweater
Lana Grosa Dasolo and Tender Cardigan
Lana Grosa Trefilo Cardigan
Lana Grossa Fumo Sweater
Lana Grosa Colore and Dasolo Sweater
Lana Grosa Pep Cardigan
Lana Grosa Opaco Cardigan


Julie Holetz's Baby It's Cold Outside
Coats and Clark Flirty Top
Coats and Clark Textured Top
Hip To Crochet's Timeless Tank
DMC Fan Stitch Top
Wool Ease Long Vest
Coats and Clark Summer Breeze Sweater
Lion Brand's Crochet Plush Boa

PS. Happy Birthday Jenn, Jo, and Diane!!!!!