Sunday, April 03, 2005

Eyeball Trouble

It's been quite interesting here the past couple of days. I went with my brother and his wife to MGM Studios and Epcot on Friday. WE had a great time, but all day long my eye just didn't feel right. The contact in my left eye was driving me nuts and I couldn't do aything about it. I didn't have my contact lense solution or case with me.  I put up with this aggrivation all day long, but around six I coiuldn't take it anymore. I bought a bottle of water and took my contact out. I put it in the cap with a little bit of water but the relief I was expecting did not come. My eye just began to hurt worse and worse no matter what I did knocking me out of going to dinner with my brother. To top it off I started getting a migraine. I gave up and went to bed. I didn't really sleep though because my eye felt like it was on fire. By morning I couldn't even open it up. Those with weak stomaches look away now. My eyelashes were glued together with yellow/green puss! Ewwww! Needless to say Rob took me to the doctor We were lucky to find someone that was open on a Saturday and had an appointment slot available. I went in convinced that I had pink eye, but after the doctor looked at it he said that I would be lucky if it were pink eye. My stomach sank. He went on to say that I had two Corneal Ulcers and my eye was severly infected. This is not good news. If left untreated, this could lead to permanent blindness. He sent me home with strict orders for my care. I was to stay in complete darkness and keep my eyes closed. My husband had to put antibiotic eyedrops in my eyes every hour on the hour, and he also had to dialate my eyes twice a day for the next two days. My doctor said he would call on Sunday to check on me. He said that usually if the infection was going to take a turn for the worse it would by then and I would have to go to a specialist. Fortunately this is not the case. Even though my eye still hurts it has not gotten worse and I think I'm out of the woods. Can I just tell you how boring it is to not be able to open my eyes for this long. I am going nuts. I can't check my blog. I can't check my email. I can't knit anything because my projects are too complicated. I can't sew up Twist! I'm going looney tunes! i have earned a deep appreyiation for people who are without sight, and have learned to never take your sight for granted. The only reason I'm able to type this entry is because I can type without looking and my husband is standing over my shoulders fixing my errors. Say hi Rob....HELLO!!!!!! You can blame him for any spelling errors or typos. I go back to the doctor tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me. I hope this was caught in time and no permanet damge was doen to my eye.  Ok I just mess that sentence up royally and Rob is laughing and saying he isnb't going to fix it! He stopped editing after I said I was going to blame him for the typos. He is now gigglling  over my shoulder like a bad little boy. If I could see him, I might five him a little smack! Ok he's laughing again so I must have messed that up. I would like to see him type blindfolded. All kidding aside, Rob has been wonderful and taken better care of me than I could ever ask for. He is the best husband ever. He just told me no amount of kissing up will get him to go back and fix my typos. Haha! I'm hoping that after tomorrow I will be allowed to open my eyes and life will go back to normal. I just might miss all the pampering. I will let you all know how the monday appointment turns out. Keep your fingers crossed.