Monday, April 04, 2005

Good News!

I went back to my doctor today and he said he was very impressed with my healing. My inflamation is 100 times better and my ulcers are healing nicely. I will have permanent damage on my cornea from scar tissue, but it will not affect my vision. Thank God the ulcers were on the sides of my eye and not the front. I am very very blessed! He gave me the ok to open my eyes, and I can go back to work on Wednesday. I don't have to use the dilation drops, and I'm down to using the antibiotic drops three times a day until Thursday.

It was really strange using my eyes after having them closed since Saturday. My left eye is still dilated so my vision is still very funky. The funky vision combined with the realization of how close I came to losing sight in my eye made me a little dizzy and a lot queasy. I had to lay down and take a nap. I'm feeling a lot better now and I'm sure everything will be back to normal soon

Thanks so much for all of the good thoughts and prayers. See how well they worked :)