Tuesday, April 26, 2005


'Member when I said that I finished the lace on Soleil, and I could start the stockinette. You would have expected me to get some of that done right? Wrong! Here is poor Soleil waiting for her stockinette. Poor Soleil don't worry I'll get to you soon. I'm off tomorrow and I promise you some quality time.

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I had a knitting class on Friday night. It was one of those lucky instances where only one person signed, and I was able give her my undevided attention. She is left handed, so I taught her how to knit continental. I have found that my left handed students pick that up the best. One felt most comfortable "throwing" the yarn with her left hand and that was fine by me. I don't care what style they use to knit as long as their stitches are coming out right. Anyways, Staci (we have the same name that is too cool) did very well and is anxious to start the next class. I've nabbed us another one everybody!

Saturday I actually got paid to sit and knit in the store to promote my classes. How cool is that! I decide to make a drop stitch scarf much like the one I made for my grandmother. I use Lion Brand microspun and size 13 needles. Almost everyone that came up to see the scarf ended up walking out of the store with some microspun. Boy I wish I worked on comission! LOL! Unfortunately I didn't have anyone sign up for a class. Better luck next time.

Sunday I just worked and didn't do a darn thing crafty. When I got home Rob and I went shopping for dinner and then went on our walk. I am really getting into this walking thing. I even jogged a little bit and was surprised that I didn't get all winded. I'm seriously starting to see the benefits of not smoking now. I love my new lungs! Inspired by my renewed interest in physical fitness, I joined a new Yahoo! group called Knit 'N Fit.

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Since our beloved obsession involves a great amount of time sittin' on our booties, I think this is a great idea to inspire and support fellow knitters with physical fitness. Now someone needs to come up with a Crochet N Fit.

Speaking of Crochet, have you ever tried Tunisian Crochet? Do you realize that you can create a knit stitch with this method? I was just looking through my bookmarks, and I came across this. That sure does look like knitting to me! Make sure you check out the other tutorials they have on Tunisian Crochet. This website is a wonderful resource.

Well my eyes are trying to close on me. I'm off tomorrow (or today however you look at it. it's 1am!) so I plan on getting some knitting done. I'm also getting together with my grandmother, so I'm hoping that I'll get some pictures of Angel. See you soon :)