Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I have started a new commenting system that will allow me to email each person that comments on my blog. I think it is a more personal way to answer my comments. Unfortunately this made all the old comments disappear. They aren't gone forever though. All I have to do is take away the Haloscan comments and the old ones reappear. I'm just testing this out to see how I like it.

I feel bad, but I haven't knit in two days. I am almost to the end of Soleil and I have stalled on my progress. Do any of you ever do this? Get almost to the end and just set the thing down. Sometimes I just don't feel like knitting, and I never want to force it. Knitting is supposed to be fun and I don't want to make it more of a deadline thing and an obligation. It's not like I have had idle hands. Beading has just been getting my attention the last couple of days. Don't worry though, I feel my knitting urge coming back. I knew it wouldn't be gone for long :)