Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Say Hello

to my latestest addiction...

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It started out innocently enough. I wanted to find jewelry to go with the dress (omg wait till you see this dress!) I bought for our 7th anniversary. A lot of thought (from at least four sales ladies, Grandmommy, and indecisive me) went into this dress, and I wanted the perfect accessories to top it off. I couldn't find what I was looking for anywhere. Then it dawned on me. Hello you know how to make jewelry you goofball! This sent me running to the bead shop where I found the perfect beads to go with the perfect dress and not to mention the perfect shoes!!

Well I ran short about 4 Light Rose Swarovski Crystals, and both the bead shops I knew of didn't carry have them. I was afraid to chance Ebay, so I had to find another source. Luckily I found a bead shop in my area that I had no clue about, and they had them!

Well they had those and a whole lot more. I was like a kid in a candy shop people. I was just going to buy my four beads and some beads to make a bracelet for my mom's birthday present, and I ended up spending three hours (I take longer to pick out beads than I do to pick out dresses) in the shop and sixty dollars!!! I can't reveal the specifics of my mom's present at the moment and my set is not quite completed so you'll have to wait to see them.

I almost ended up buying more but managed to somehow get a grip on myself and get out of there. I can still hear the beads I left behind calling my name. Stacieeeeeeeee