Monday, May 16, 2005

I have the coolest friend!

My friend Rhonda was surprised by her husband with a trip to the Sheep and Wool Festival. Before she left, she asked if anyone would like a signed copy of Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee AKA Yarn Harlot's book. I immediately began begging for a copy. I never thought I would have the opportunity for a signed one!

Well I'm over at the bead shop ( the one I teach knitting at sometimes) working on a bracelet, and my phone rings. Rhonda says, "Here I want you to talk to someone." Next thing I know I'm on the phone with Stephanie. I got so excited I started blathering like a total idiot! Let me just say that Stephanie is super nice, and if you don't have her book or if you haven't read her blog then stop right now and goooooooo. I also chatted with Cassie from Too Much Wool  and Mamacate who were both very nice as well. They probably all think I'm crazy now hahaha! I can't wait to get my book when Rhonda gets back. Now however will I be able to return this favor!?