Sunday, May 15, 2005

Show N Tell

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I am really excited to have our first Quilting Show N Tell. This is a jacket that Nancy's sister made by quilting onto a sweat shirt. I think it is wonderful!! I would never have thought to make a jacket this way. Don't you just love how crafty people are!? I have such talented Show N Tellers :)

Remember if you would like to participate, email me at FaeryCrafty1 at yahoo dot com. Just include a picture and information about the project you are showing off. All entries (including past entries) will be entered into a drawing. Once I can get the darn stuff to make the prize (can you tell I'm just a little frustrated) it will be revealed. Have a great Monday everyone!

PS. One of my friends did something so cool for me!!! I'll tell ya all about it Tuesday <grin>