Friday, May 13, 2005

Soleil Progress

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Here is a picture of my progress so far on Soleil. I am amazed out how different the color of the yarn looks in each picture I take of it. It looks really orange in this one. What you see here is the back of the top. Once the back is completed, you finish the front. Right now those stitches are on stitch holders. I have the weekend off so who knows, I may finish.

I feel bad because I know I'm not exactly a prolific knitter, and I wish I had more finished projects to show you. Thank goodness for Show N Tell or you would all be bored to tears with this blog. Speaking of Show N Tell, I'm running low on entries! Oh no that is no good! If you would like to send in an entry, email me at FaeryCrafty1 at Yahoo dot com. I for one would love to see some bead work. We haven't seen a lot of that in our entries. Any beaders out there? Come show your stuff :)

PS. Plans for a Show N Tell contest are in the works. Right now I am trying to get all the supplies together to make the prize. I'll keep ya posted :)