Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Cute Story

Rob went home to pick up our car over the weekend and spend some time with friends and family. He called me up one night because he wanted to tell me a story he thought I would like. His mother had gone to a yarn shop in Williamsburg called The Knitting Sisters. She wanted to buy some yarn for a scarf that would match one of the colors in the bag I made her. Naturally she brought the bag in so that she could match it up. Someone in the shop (owner or worker I don't have a clue) asked to see the bag. His mom said that she looked it over pretty good and also turned it inside out to check out the back of my work. (Not sure if these were the exact words spoken since it was literally a game of telephone and Rob is telling me what his mom told him) After looking it over she tells my MIL, "This is really good work. You know I have only seen one other bag like this..." She pauses, looks at my MIL, her eyes get big and she says, "Hey! You're the mom from the website!" Rob's mom says, "Oh you must read Stacie's blog!"

Isn't that neat! It just goes to show you how small this world is. Who knows she might even be reading this right now! If so, Hi there and thanks for the compliments on my bag! Next time I go home to visit, I'm gonna have to stop by that shop. I really miss it anyways. If you ever end up in Williamsburg you should definitely check it out. There is even a great wine and cheese shop next door that serves incredible sandwiches. You can shop till you drop, go eat a yummy sandwich to recharge, and go back for round two! How convenient :)