Thursday, March 03, 2005

Great News Does Come In Threes!

First of all my brother Nick is finally on American Soil!!!! Thanks so much for all the prayers and good thoughts! The placed a bubble right around my brother copter and brought him home safe to us! My sister-in-law has promised pictures of the ceremony, and I will share them with you.

Now for good news number 2. My husband walked in the door today looking like this...

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Whooo baby! Wowsers I'm a lucky girl. No the good news is not that my husband is totally HOT! The good news is that he told me HE HAS A JOB!!! Today he landed his first official job as a pilot! He will be a flight instructor at this school until he hears back from the Academy he has been training with so far. If he is hired there, it will be a couple of months before he gets started, and now he can build flight hours while he's waiting. We should hear in the next couple of days whether or not he is hired at the Academy. He told me today that even if he isn't hired he won't be too disappointed. All he really cares about is building hours so he can apply at an airline.

And now for good news number three. Rob's parents are giving us one of their cars!!! That is just utterly amazing. Things like this do not usually happen to me.  I have been driving the same car since 1993 and it doesn't look so hot. I've just been happy to not have a car payment and get from A to Z. Now we'll have a car that we can be proud of.

I didn't get much yarn logging done today. I spent about three hours trying to get the proper light to catch the true color of this yarn. I have mentioned before that I am a little obsessive haven't I. Then my husband came home lookin' all good and telling me his great news, and the yarn inventory was pretty much forgotten. We headed over to Boston's Lobster Feast to celibrate, and I'm not gonna tell you how much I ate. Let's just say that lobsters all over the world will now shiver at the very mention of my name.