Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yarn, yarn, yarn...

Well it's already Wednesday. Another week is just flying by. Where does the time go? Does anyone know? I have completed 50 rows on the back of Twist so far, and I'm starting to think about what my next project may be. I know one thing I need to do is get working on poor old Eeyore. So far I have only finished his ears. I also need to finish the rest of that Lopi cardigan I was working on. The problem with that is that I can't find the darn thing! Have any of you ever lost a WIP? It is so frustrating! I must say that I'm not really anxious to work on it since Spring is here. I have the urge to work on cute little sleeveless things instead. I'm sure that my Lopi Cardi will understand. She *R-U-N-N-O-F-T'd  anyways!

Janette gifted me with a pattern for a fabulous shawl not too long ago, and that will definitely be a project I start on soon. Unfortunately I don't have any lace weight yarn in my stash so I'll have to buy some. When I told my husband this he exclaims, "You need to buy more yarn!? The only place I have seen more yarn is in a yarn store!" While he doesn't understand a thing about the situation, he does have a point. I have a ton of yarn!

I have toyed with the notion of doing a yarn inventory for a while. I would like to take pictures of each type of yarn and list it along with info about it. This project will prove to be quite time consuming, but the obsessive compulsive side of me is getting the goose bumps! Of course, I will be posting the inventory here which may be a little embarrassing. Did I mention that I HAVE A LOT OF YARN!?

This brings me to one conclusion. I need to go on a yarn diet! Today March 02, 2005 I officially declare that after I buy my yarn for the shawl (hey I can't quit cold turkey!) I will not buy another skein until I have put a significant dent in my yarn stash. You are all my witnesses. You know, I think this may end up being harder than quitting smoking. I already feel the withdrawls!!!!

*Ever see Oh Brother Where Art Thou?If so then you don't think I'm totally crazy. If not, you really ought to see it and then you won't think I'm crazy either ;)