Monday, June 13, 2005

Show N Tell: Diane's Entry

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These are my versions of 2 of the patterns in your free bag pattern links :) The Fleuri bag by Julie Holetz I love, but i got a bit carried away when I came to do the petals. I also added a couple of crocheted flowers to the handles, and then I thought because I had used the dark loganberry colour yarn that I'd add a varigated pink butterfly that I crocheted with Coats mercer(which i inherited in a stash from my late nan and i know she will be smiling in heaven because she was the crochet queen and she taught me!)

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The other bag was a first....the plain yarn is the before - the varigated is the after of my first attempt at dying yarn!:)the pattern is Coats and Clarks "It's in the bag"andI know the handles are different but they are the nearest I could get :) I suppose it's artistic license? The dye i used was Dylon cold water powder dye and I painted it on to form a varigated yarn,then zapped it in the microwave.I wanted to get darker shades, but as you can see the colours are more muted. I was pleased with the overall outcome, and for a first attempt I must admit I feel quite proud of myself :) Thanks for all the brill stuff on your blog!!