Wednesday, August 10, 2005

One Skein Wonders

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Here are the pictures of my recent One Skein Wonders. The pink one is made from Cotton Ease in Bubble Gum. The white one that is temporarily missing it's seed stitch border is made from Sugar N Creme cotton. The pattern calls for a ribbing around the edges, but I wanted to match the seed stitch from the sleeve edge.

Now I hate that I have these two tops just laying there on the couch and not in a much more creative photo. You can thank my mean ole husband for that. He was too embarrassed to take the picture I actually wanted because we were in public. This from the man who actually wore RED WHITE AND BLUE bell bottoms and a orange green and red tie die. Together. At the same time. In public. This is the same husband that dressed up as a woman for Halloween complete with purse and lip gloss that he seemed to have a lot of fun reapplying, in public. So why you ask would he not take my picture, in public? Well it's not like I was naked but for the OSW or anything. I was fully clothed. Could Rob perhaps be getting a little long in the tooth? Could the ripe old age of 30 be taking it's toll? Could that grey hair I found in his eyebrow be really long and wrapped around the fun spot in his brain? The world may never know, but I bet enough nagging could get that photo taken, in public.